Mum, dad, I want a dog!

Mum, dad, I want a dog!

How many times have we heard this? Children enjoy being around animals, they like them, they are curious about them, and they always want to have one at home. The emotional and physical benefits of pets for the development of children are very well known.

They help them bolster their self-esteem, make them take responsibility for a living being that is under their care, develop their imagination, and in the case of animals such as dogs and cats, for instance, help them exercise while playing with them, running with them, and so on.

But, which pet should you choose? The most appropriate thing to do is to consider the space available at home, as well as the child’s age.  A very big dog should not live in a small apartment. Also we should not leave the pet with a four-year old child, for instance, because it would mean running an unnecessary risk. Nowadays there are many pets suited to living with children, such as cats, hamsters and rabbits.

Adoption is an interesting option that is becoming increasingly popular. There are many animals in shelters that need to feel the warmth of a family and who know how to correspond to that affection with lots of love, licking and cuddling. What’s more, who can resist those eyes looking at you for affection?

With all that love, sometimes scratches and small bumps cannot be avoided, that we must be able to cure at any given moment. If scratches occur, it is very important to clean the wound with plenty of water, disinfect it and cover it with sterile dressings. If it is more serious, you should go directly to the paediatrician. In the case of minor bumps, apply Calmatopic, the best option, because it relieves and cools the bruised area. Then it’s time to continue playing!

Although the pet belongs to the child, parents should take final responsibility for the animal, training it if necessary and always ensuring that it is in perfectly healthy condition.

Remember, a pet is a living being, not a toy to get rid of when we get tired of it. After all, having a pet involves a lot of work, but in return we receive love and affection which is much more valuable.


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