Is your child’s bedroom safe?

Is your child's bedroom safe?

Parents thoroughly enjoy watching their children play at home. Hide and seek, tag, or simply jumping and running around. But sometimes accidents can happen when children are having fun. In order to prevent this, a few simple adjustments in the home will make it a safe and comfortable place.

To give you peace of mind while they are enjoying themselves, Calmatopic has prepared a list of practical tips for the home to ensure their well-being and your peace of mind:

  • Corners: First of all, care must be taken with the corners on furniture, radiators and other sharp edges. The best thing to do is cover them with corner protectors (padded material to prevent accidents). When babies are taking their first steps, they often stumble and fall, which means that covering dangerous corners is essential for their safety.
  • Floor: Where possible, the best choice is non-slip floors. Parquet and tiles can be dangerous unless the right footwear is worn. To prevent children from slipping and sliding, it is advisable to lay down some tatami or PEVA squares in areas where children spend most time. It isn’t always possible to change their play area, so it is particularly important for them to wear the right footwear and never walk around barefoot or with just socks on. The best idea is for them to wear slipper socks with latex or rubber pads underneath and slippers with non-slip rubber soles.
  • Sockets: It is paramount to protect all sockets in the bedroom. There is currently a wide variety of very affordable products to prevent our little ones from sticking their fingers or any other dangerous objects in sockets. Even when protectors are used, it is important not to handle liquids close to sockets and plugs.
  • Beds: Beds should not be placed near windows. Where absolutely necessary, both the bed and the window should be protected using guardrails. This will prevent them from falling out of bed at night and will keep the most adventurous little tykes from venturing too far.
  • Stairs: If there are staircases or steps in the house, a guardrail should be put up, especially while children are very small.

Prevention is better than cure but we must not forget to give our children some freedom. It is good for them to explore, learn and stimulate their curiosity for their surroundings. Not only does this enhance their spatial intelligence and social ability, but it also helps develop their psychomotor activity. And remember, accidents can happen during their daily adventures, and that is when Calmatopic will always be your trusted ally. A kiss to make it better and a good dose of love and care are the best recipe for instant relief.


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