How is Calmatopic applied? (video)

How is Calmatopic applied? (video)

It is naturally impossible to get children to stay still. They are playful, intrepid and curious by nature, which means they inevitably get bumps and bruises every now and then.

The video that comes with this article provides a fun explanation of how to apply Calmatopic. It shows a hand drawing a simple sketch of a boy playing ball in the park. He trips over and falls down, but his mother soon comes to the rescue as every alert, caring mum does.

Calmatopic provides the solution. The video shows the mother pulling the product out of her handbag and rubbing the stick gently over the damaged skin. When the bumped area is fully coated, she covers the stick like lipstick and puts it back safely for next time.

In addition to the Calmatopic stick shown in the cartoon, there is also a Calmatopic roll-on, which is applied by rolling the metal ball straight onto the area of skin affected. Both formats can be used as often as necessary and will cause no harm to children.

All of the products in the Calmatopic range are made using natural ingredients such as arnica, harpagophyte, sea mayweed and mint. The Calmatopic range: a fun family of products with a “kiss it better” effect.


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