The “kiss it better” ritual

The “kiss it better” ritual

There are certain long-standing parent-child rituals that have been passed down from generation to generation. Reading stories at bedtime, rainy evenings of film-watching and pop corn, building snowmen and many more.

This quality family time strengthens the bond and no doubt has its effect on shaping each member’s emotional side. Children –especially little ones– are always getting bumps and bruises, and there’s often nothing better to ease the pain than the old “ritual” of soothing and comforting the little patient.

Nothing does the trick quite like a good dose of TLC and words of encouragement from mummy or daddy and letting Calmatopic work its magic on the bruise. The traditional concept of “kissing it better” is one of those ideas that sticks in the back of the child’s mind, so they immediately associate a fall or bump with their parent’s reassurance, which helps to soothe them, just like Calmatopic’s natural ingredients do: arnica, harpagophyte, sea mayweed and mint provide instant relief.

It’s easy to establish the ritual –just remember to have Calmatopic at the ready. Keep it in your handbag so its on-hand when you’re out and about –in the park, at birthday parties, during after-school activities–, pack it in your suitcase on your travels and make sure it’s always handy in your first aid kit at home. Fun times can suddenly turn to tears when your child has a small fall. When this happens, the best solution is to “kiss it better” with Calmatopic.


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