The most enjoyable parks of each city

The most enjoyable parks of each city

Taking a walk or playing in the park is without doubt one of the most popular activities for both parents and children. Fortunately, Spain has plenty of parks to choose from!

In Madrid, one of the most noteworthy is the Madrid Río park, a huge cultural and recreation area equipped with  17 children’s playgrounds. Kids have a whale of a time at the play areas, where the swings are made of sustainable natural materials. Each area has different attractions for different age groups, which means there are areas especially for young children and others for older kids that focus on skill, balance and strength. All in all, this park was  made to measure for the little and not-so-little ones.

In Barcelona, parents can take their children to the Diagonal Mar park, a huge recreation area bathed in sunshine with green expanses, a big lake and a playground full of slides in all shapes and sizes  providing fun for the whole family. The park is right by the promenade, making it the perfect place to unwind, take a walk, cycle or skate.

The El Alamillo park is one of the best options in Seville. This is the perfect place for families and friends to get together in the fresh air, surrounded by greenery. A variety of social, cultural and sports activities take place here all year round to keep the public entertained and raise awareness about environmental protection. The park has kiosks, picnic tables, children’s play areas and windy footpaths surrounded by vast green expanses for visitors to enjoy the scenery, the greenery and the wildlife that inhabits it.

Last but not least, Valencia is home to a mythical park that is alive with history: the Gulliver children’s park, based on the tale of Gulliver’s Travels. The main attraction in this twenty-five year-old park is the monumental 70 m sculpture of Gulliver himself, which children can clamber around on thanks to a variety of ramps, slides, steps and ropes. Surrounded by vegetation and with a host of games for tourists to enjoy in Valencia with their kids, a visit to the children’s park in this stretch of the Turia Gardens is guaranteed to be a fun family outing.

These are just some of the parks in which you can have a good time with your little ones. If you would like to tell us about a fun park in your city, email us at


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