Prepare a healthier return to school

Prepare a healthier return to school

After three months, when our children go back to school, we try to have everything ready so that it goes as smoothly as possible. We ensure that nothing is missing in their backpack, that they have all the school material they need and the right clothes (which must almost always be new, because they cannot fit into last year’s clothes). In addition, we need to take health related issues into account.

It is important to arrange routine visits to the ophthalmologist, the dentist and even the podiatrist for our children, as recent trends suggest a check-up at the podiatrist’s to detect possible walking problems that could affect their growth.

In the field of dental health, we must ensure that children have the right toothbrush and, as far as possible, that they have two; one for school and another for home.

It is also essential to have our home first-aid kit as complete as possible because with the return to school certain threats to our children may make an appearance, such as lice, runny noses, coughs and the flu (in particular when the winter season begins).

Lastly, whenever children play and run in the park or in other entertainment venues remember that it is always good to have a Calmatopic stick or Calmatopic roll-on at the ready. In the event of minor blows or falls the beneficial properties of its medicinal plants will bring your children relief and calm them down.

Now we are really ready to go back to school!


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