Today let’s go on a picnic!

Today let’s go on a picnic!

What could be more fun than a picnic? You can probably think of some other options, but a well-organised picnic is a lot of fun, helping us disconnect from our routine, leave our stress behind and enjoy ourselves with the children in a natural setting. A normal meal converted into a real adventure!

Take advantage of the week-end to enjoy some time for yourself, take it easy and relax. And why not invite your friends? Perhaps you could go to a local forest. In autumn you can collect leaves, pinecones, nuts and chestnuts, or even look for mushrooms. You could also try a park in your town. The most important thing is having some nice grass where you can lay your tablecloth.

Get some games ready so the youngest can enjoy themselves. These could include a ball for an exciting game of football, a bag of balloons or even a sports day with multiple events. The most important thing is to enjoy the outdoors with games that help children to develop their balance and psycho-motor skills.

Little children need to be given their freedom and allowed to play without restrictions, but always with adult supervision and without getting too far from the group. Sometimes they will trip and fall when they are playing, but keep some Calmatopic in your bag for these little mishaps. One application of the stick or roll-on and they will be ready to get back to their games.

You can’t have a picnic without food. Why not involve the children in preparing the menu? Choose simple food that doesn’t need heating and that the children can help prepare, such as sandwiches and fruit cut into fun shapes.

Remember to take rubbish bags to collect all your waste and leave the place as you found it, instilling a culture of recycling in your children. As a result, you are not only caring for the planet, you are also setting an example to your children and teaching them to be environmentally responsible.

Now all you need to do is spread out your blanket and enjoy nature with your family.


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