Writing the letter to the Three Wise Men (II)

Writing the letter to the Three Wise Men (II)

We have already talked to you about how to write the letter to the Three Kings with your children and today we will give you some practical guidelines to know what to ask to the Three Kings, depending on the age of your children. The functions of any toy are to entertain, amuse and teach, so we will search for those meeting these requirements.

We will start with babies. In their first year of life, their body is their preferred toy and every day they discover new ways to move it. We will look for toys that help develop their senses with textures, reliefs, sounds and colours.

The most appropriate ones are rattles, mobiles for cradles, cloth books and crib gyms. After their first birthday, children become more independent and begin to walk. We can foster their first steps with ride-on or push-along toys.

We can also help them develop their psychomotricity with stackable objects, such as blocks, cubes or building blocks of an appropriate size. Puzzles will also provide them with hours of fun, so look for one with attractive colours and shapes.

Finally, help your child develop his/her most creative side with non-toxic finger paints. Let him/her get his/her hands dirty, investigate and try to mix colours. He/she will love it!


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