Writing the letter to the Three Wise Men (I)

Writing the letter to the Three Wise Men (I)

Today we are starting a series of articles about Christmas, one of the most beautiful times of the year and a magical moment to share with our children Christmas is full of rituals and traditions that encourage us to dream, enjoy and share: putting up the Christmas tree, decorating your home, eating sweets and writing to the Three Wise Men or Santa Claus.

We suggest you make this into a very special shared experience, writing the letter together, choosing the colours, the paper…. And in particular, helping your children accept that there are limits and the need to make decisions about the endless list of wishes and toys they would like. This will help them learn that Christmas is not just about presents, but is also a time to be shared with family and friends.

Although they know what they want by heart and never stop showing you a month before, make an initial selection with your children, keeping a close eye on the toy catalogues. It is a good idea to look around a toy shop to avoid disappointments: the reality is not always the same as the advertising and the fantastic pictures in catalogues.

Children must learn that they cannot have everything they want, so you must limit the number of things they can include in their letter. Setting a limit of five presents is a good idea. They must appreciate the efforts the Three Wise Men are making and feel that they are very lucky.

Try to ensure they include an educational toy and an age-appropriate book. This will stop them just asking for dolls, cars or videogames and will help them use their imagination and develop their creativity.

But, above all, they must have a hug. The best present a child can receive is not the most expensive or most fashionable toy, but the love of their parents and the time we play with them. Help them open their presents and for a few hours you will be re-living the magic of the days of the Three Wise Men when you were a child.


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